Monday, April 30, 2012

Road trip from Cagayan De Oro to Davao City

Our group mates recently had a business meeting that we need to go to Davao. Instead of booking a plane ticket, we decided to take a more adventurous road trip. Our plan is to start from  Cagayan De Oro going to Davao. 

You can reach Cagayan De Oro via land, sea or air. The quickest way is through airplane and will travel at least 45minutes from Mactan Airport. This time we chose to ride on Superferry from Pier2, Cebu. The boat departs at 10PM and arrives at 4AM so that would be 5-6 hours travel.

Upon reaching Cagayan, we decided to rent a car because it is more convenient for us to travel as a group. If you are travelling alone then another option is riding a bus. You can check the bus schedules and rates rates here. It would be relatively cheaper by bus but it will take you a longer travel time because of the bus stops.

The approximate travel/road distance from Cagayan to Davao can be around 210 - 235 Km. So you can compute the gas consumption based on the average.

travel route

Day 1

Hungry that our first stop is at Jollibee, Puerto cm Recto Ave. This is the nearest food place where the car rental station is located.

It was Sunday and we had a visit at the St. Agustine Metropolitan Cathedral

Driving towards Manolo, Fortich via Sayre highway until reaching Del Monte Plantation and Golf Club

Del Monte Pineapple Farm, Manolo Fortich

Lunch @ Del Monte Clubhouse

I'm having similar experience in Baguio during our drive to the mountains of Sumilao, Bukidnon. Fogs are everywhere that we need to slow down in order to make sure we are driving safely.

We arrived at Malaybalay, Bukidnon past 4PM. Had a chance to stroll a little and visit places in the town. The group decided to have a night at Malaybalay because we will end up arriving at Davao late at night if we continue. Just making sure everybody is safe in case the car will break  somewhere at least its day time tomorrow. 

Malaybalay Bukidnon Province Hall

Day 2

After having our early breakfast, we readily drive for Davao route. We took the route via Valencia, Maramag, Quezon and all the way straight to Davao.

We arrived in Davao City at noon and check in at Casa Letecia, a hotel in front of People's Park. The hotel is not that big but we love the place because it is clean and the food is great. We spent all day in Davao and had our overnight stay.

Day 3

We had an early drive back to Malaybalay, Bukidnon and arrived almost noon. Although we had our break and lunch at Malaybalay, this time we decided to go straight all day back to Cagayan De Oro.

It is past 5PM when we arrived at Cagayan De Oro. So by calculating, it would be roughly 10-12hrs road trip from Davao to Cagayan and vice versa.

We are looking for the place to stay for the night until such we got into D'Budgetenear Gaisano City. The place is good and the price is not that expensive. Fit for travelers who wants to have an overnight stay. They also have rooms for long-staying guests.

We had our overnight stay at the place to rest and prepare for tomorrows trip back to Cebu.


  1. It is a nice bonding moments and road trip with friends and family. Hope to experience it too.

    granton world

  2. hi im just wondering by taking a bus how many hours from cagayan de oro to davao city...

    1. hi thanks for dropping by, it will take you almost 24 hrs or a day by bus since, we did took our night off in bukidnon then proceed to davao. just my estimate though.

    2. Hi Orville, the bus takes 8 - 9 hours including the stops..

  3. how much the fare of bus Cagayan de oro to Davao city? tnx

    1. Hi, you can refer to these links. sometimes it depends on the bus transit.


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